Of late, I’ve been receiving some complains about Post Teaser not working with WordPress 2.3.2 (I have yet to hear about WordPress 2.3.3 so, no idea if there are problems in 2.3.3). I’ve done some investigation but so far I’ve yet to find any real issue. I’ve tried to put up a test blogs to re-produce the problem but so far, I’ve come up empty. Unfortunately, if I can see the problem, I won’t be able to do anything to fix it. I’d figure I do not have many options but to call for help on the collective on the Internet to help me pin-point the actual problem. Please look at the description below to see if you have seen it before.

The two complains I’ve heard that I can not re-produce is:

  1. Post Teaser skipping post. Most of the posts are teased but a few is not and it does not look like the post itself is malformed.
  2. Post Teaser caused sidebar to disappear. When ever Post Teaser is enabled, the sidebar is gone.

For problem #1, my investigation always starts at checking the post to see if the cause for Post Teaser to skip certain post is the way those posts are written. To be brief, the two common type of post that cause Post Teaser to skip post are to write a long post in one paragraph and to use <br /> in place of <p>…</p> tag pair for paragraph break. I’ve eliminate both the cause in the recent reports. However, I’ve not been able to find anything else that may cause the problem.

For problem #2, this is the first time I’ve heard of this problem. After testing that Post Teaser does in fact works with WordPress 2.3.2, I have one suspicion, which is widgets. I’ve tested that quite extensively as well and still I can not find what is causing some blogs to crash their sidebar.

For those who have one or both of the above problem and is willing to spend time to help me determine what is the real cause of those problems, please drop me a note here: http://sandboxblogger.com/contact/