Taking control of comment spam in WordPress blogs with Bad Behavior and Akismet plugins

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Whenever I start a blog (my own or blogs I manages for others), comment spam problems are usually the last thing that cross my mind. After all, if a blog is unknown and have virtually no traffic (like SandboxBlogger.com at the current stage), the blog will be of little interest to spammers. Those new blogs may not even register as a tiny bleep under the spammers’ radar. One exception I have notice is that blogging or websites related blog like SandboxBlogger.com seems to get notice very quickly. I’ve seen spam coming in from the first month I’ve started this blog.

WordPress Theme Designers not paying attention to in-post photo styling and layout

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I have made the move from Blogger.com to WordPress as a platform for all my blogging needs for a little more then a year. Coming form a Blogger.com background, I’ve since noticed some peculiarities in the WordPress world that never even cross my mind during the days with Blogger.com. One of the most annoying is the lack of or poor support for in-post photos in themes. To begin with, WordPress developers have never given much thought about how to make it easy for bloggers to place photos in posts but theme designers usually just totally ignore the possibilities of photos in posts.

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