What’s that I hear from the crowd? Oh!

“Hello SandboxBlogger!”

That’s the reply to my “hello world!” greetings. Well, yes. Welcome everybody! Welcome to SandboxBlogger.

This is my maiden post and like all maiden post in any blog, it is the hardest to write. Shall I introduce myself? Shell I just jump into the main topic this blog is created for? Shall I show readers (what readers!?!) around? Shall I just write garbage that I would regret later in my life? Talk about dilemma.

Well, introduction to myself and to SandboxBlogger is more appropriate for the About page. That’s one thing I am not going to talk about in this post.

What about jumping into the main topic? Na! Not when I have not even finish fixing up the site.

How about showing my readers around? That seems like a good idea…


Looks like I’m going to regret this garbage one day…

Welcome to SandboxBlogger!