FIXED: Post Teaser compatibility issue with WordPress 2.2.x

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UPDATE: I’ve manage to get in touch with the maintainer of the official WordPress plugin site and have since gain control of the Post Teaser plugin page and repository. The only thing now is to also get control of the old WP-Plugin wiki so that I can point users to the new release. BTW, here is the official Post Teaser plugin page.

After much debugging and sleepless nights, I’ve got to fix the Post Teaser plugin. Although if I’m an experienced PHP programmer, I would have manage the fix in a matter of hours but I’m still learning. I still can’t program PHP if my life depends on it (at least not in a timely fashion). Regardless I’ve fix the issue and I’m now happy with the result.

My WordPress blog broke because of the Post Teaser plugin

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Over the weekend, I was looking at the new features available in WordPress 2.2.1 and I thought “Hey, I really like the widget feature and I don’t need to install anything extra to get it if I upgrade to the latest WordPress version.” Boy, how wrong can I be. Once I’ve enabled all the plugins, was dead. I mean really dead. No error, no partial site, just a blank page. I was staring at a completely white page. Checking the source reviews that nothing loaded.
The little thought cost me the weekend debugging my blog. By disabling all the plugins and re-enabling them one by one, I’ve come to the conclusion that the problem was because of the Post Teaser plugin.

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