UPDATE: I’ve manage to get in touch with the maintainer of the official WordPress plugin site and have since gain control of the Post Teaser plugin page and repository. The only thing now is to also get control of the old WP-Plugin wiki so that I can point users to the new release. BTW, here is the official Post Teaser plugin page.

After much debugging and sleepless nights, I’ve got to fix the Post Teaser plugin. Although if I’m an experienced PHP programmer, I would have manage the fix in a matter of hours but I’m still learning. I still can’t program PHP if my life depends on it (at least not in a timely fashion). Regardless I’ve fix the issue and I’m now happy with the result.

Now, the difficult part. I have had a chat with Jonathan Leighton, the original developer for the Post Teaser plugin and he is not maintaining the plugin anymore. On top of that, he has also lost access to the official Post Teaser wiki page at WordPress Plugin Repository. So, I bite the bullet and ask to take over maintaining Post Teaser. Hurray! He agrees. However, there is still one issue to resolve. That is the access to the WordPress Plugin wiki. I’ll need to work it out later but for now (in order not to keep everyone waiting), I’ve hosted it on SandBoxBlogger.com at the Post Teaser plugin page.

Please feel free to download and use it as you would on the WordPress Plugin Repository. Post Teaser is not my puppy. Hurray!

PS: If anyone knows how to get into contact with the WordPress Plugin Repository admin, please help pass along the word that I have taken over the development of Post Teaser. I need the access if I am to continue working on this plugin.