I’m still learning my way around the WordPress Plugins directory and repos. Preparing for a release can drain the energy out of me.

What’s new in 3.10

  • Post Teaser now in Greek. Many thanks to Alexander for the translation.
  • Added a FAQ entry. I have had quite a few queries about why Post Teaser failed to split some/all of the post. I’d figure that need to be addressed in the FAQ.

For users that is waiting for a fix or feature enhancement, I’m sorry but none made it to this release due to me busy schedule of late. I’ll still try to get one release out by the end of the year and hopefully be able to fix some issue at that release.

So be warned. For non-Greek speaking folks, there is little point in upgrading to 3.10. In fact, there is no point upgrading even for Greek speaking folks. Just grab the translate file form the repos and follow “Is this plugin available in other languages? in the FAQ. It will work just fine with 3.9. The only reason for the version bump is due to how WordPress Plgins directory is organized (details too boring to include here).

If you want to upgrade for the sake of a higher version number, here is where you get the latest Post Teaser.