Simplify WordPress upgrade; a first hand experience

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The post I’ve written yesterday about giving WordPress its own directory during installation, just so happened to be WordPress upgrade day. I was rather surprise at yet another upgrade because it was not too long ago that there was this emergency upgrade to address the issue where someone hacked into their distribution server and added malicious code in the WordPress 2.1.1 package. Oh great, here we go again. I thought what the hack, I could write a post about the upgrade and how easy it is now that files are kept more separated from the WordPress files. So, today is the first real test with this kind of layout.

Giving WordPress its own directory while leaving your blog in the root directory

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Typically, when I install WordPress, I usually install it in the root directory of the website. That is because I prefer not to host too many things under one domain name and I really don’t like overly long URL. Simply put, I like my blogs accessible via URL like rather than

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